Friday, July 25, 2014

#GazaUnderAttack : An Eye Witness' account about #Khuza massacre

Khuza , another populated area in Gaza's Khan Younis governorate. For three days now it was cut from the world facing the Israeli military machine's rage.

For three days or even more the IDF had not stopped its shelling nor its airstrikes in that small populated area. The eye witnesses spoke about how bodies were in the streets and under the rubble of the houses destroyed by airstrikes. The ambulance can not reach to certain areas in Khuza because of destruction not to mention because of the IDF which hunts down every living there.

Only today Tweep Mahmoud Ismail wrote in Arabic a terrifying testimony about the past 48 hours. Ismail lost his uncle and three cousins. A true shelling testimony you should read and share. I translated it in to English in a Storify post after the break.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Happy F*cking #july23 Dear Egyptians

Happy F*cking July 23 Dear Egyptians every where.

Of course today is the 62th anniversary of the 23 July , the original coup that turned  in to a revolution.

Today President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi spoke to the public in another recorded televised speech on that anniversary reminding us that the the goals of the 23 July revolution are still alive. He spoke about the 25 January revolution and its goals as well the so-called 30 June revolution and how Egyptians restored their freedom in that revolution.

Already you will wonder  how his media and supporters keep attack the 25 January revolution calling it a conspiracy that he foiled day and night when he praised it.

He also said something interesting that a hungry person should not look for Freedom. “How can I look for Freedom when I am hungry” He said. 

You know it is quite clever because when you think about what he had said , you will remember Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Regarding The exodus of Mosul’s Christians

And ISIS aka IS aka the Neo-Islamic Caliphate in Iraq announced the Christians in Mosul have either two
A Christian lady at a Church in Mosul "Reuters" 
options : Either to become Muslims or they would killed or they leave. After 14 centuries the Churches and monasteries in Mosul are attacked and torched “contrary to the orders of Islam” while the properties of Christians there are confiscated.
Yes after 2000 years the Christians in Mosul “One of the old Christian sects in the world” had to leave to their homes in the city.For 14 centuries the Christians in Mosul lived in their homes under the different Islamic Caliphates and yet they did not have to leave their home. Yet now in the 21st century they have leave because they refused to change their religion.
I am not that surprised from the IS because watching they did and are doing in Syria , you would know what kind of mentality we are dealing with.
I am surprised about other things.

Monday, July 21, 2014

#FreeShawkan : Remember The Forgotten

Mahmoud Abu Zaid "Shawkan" is a talented Freelance Photographer. Since 14 August 2013 Abu Zaid or Shawken has been imprisoned after being arrested in the dispersal of Rabaa sit in. Shawkan was there doing his job as a Freelance photographer.
Shawkan in action 
Today Shawken's detention was renewed for another 45 days. For nearly a year Shawkan has been in prison.

Of course because he is a Freelance photographer he can't find too many people demanding his release. Only his colleagues from photographers are demanding his release.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

#GazaUnderAttack : El-Shajeiya massacre "+18"

And we woke up on another massacre !!
For hours and hours through out night Israeli forces intensified its shelling and bombardment in the small Al-Shejaiya district killing not less than 40 and injuring hundreds as well forcing hundreds of thousands to flee. 
"It is like hell" a repeated description for what was and is happening in Al-Shejaiya by its residents fleeing the scene and seeking refugees in the UNRWA facilities and Al-Shifa hospital. Not less than 85,000 Palestinians are fleeing the area.
Updated : The death toll increased to 60. Photos showing a horrifying reality. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

New valley Massacre : We have to ask

Just minutes before the Ramadan breakfast breaking news came from the Western desert : 15 Egyptian soldiers were killed by smugglers in New Valley governorate.

In less than two hours more details began to surface as well a death toll increasing by the minute. An armed forces check point was attacked by smugglers killing not less than 31 armed forces personnel and Injuring dozens in army checkpoint at El-Farfara oasis.

At least 26 army soldiers and 4 low ranking officers were killed in one of the most worst attacks ever , even in Sinia the numbers are not like that "4 conscripts were killed earlier today in North Sinai in clashes with militants"

The ministry of health also stated that only 3 smugglers or assailants were injured. Yes only 3 !!! Do not ask me how.

Now for hours the official radio stations and sources spoke about smugglers who are angry that Sallom borders crossing between Egypt and Libya was closed after the clashes  in Benghazi and the kidnap of Egyptian truck divers. Here we are not speaking about goods smugglers but rather weapons smugglers that got busy routes in the desert to Upper Egypt to Sudan . Those smugglers are dangerous and armed crazily according to Upper Egyptians.

Then we got the official spokesperson of Egyptian armed forces Mohamed Samir saying that the soldiers were attacked by "terrorist group" which blew up an ammo warehouse. Of course the Brigadier General says that number of victims is 21 !!!!

GazaUnderAttacK : Egypt2Gaza Aid convoy and the Return of the old Days

Another day and the aggression on Gaza continues. The total death toll reached to 336. More families killed in Gaza.
Today Israel announced that One Israeli was killed in Beersheba by the Palestinian rockets earlier today. That Israeli turned to be Arab Bedouin and it turns out that Bedouins have got no shelters to protect them. It is worth to mention that Israel’s rockets hunter Iron Dome only works and intercepts rockets targeting populated areas.
Anyhow we will leave Gaza for awhile and go to Egypt to North Sinai where the Egypt 2 Gaza convoy was halted by “Balloza” army checkpoint. There are about 300 activists in this convey
The army officers told the activists they could not let the activists pass because they could not protect them despite the activists made it clear that they were taking the risk. The officers at the check point then said that they would pass only the medicine , then the Youth refused that option and blocked the road for quite some time chanting Pro-Palestinian slogans as well Pro-Revolutionary slogan,chants and songs.
The last I have read from updates about the convey that the Commander of the Second Zone army responsible for North Sinai arrived to the convey.
Updated @2:52 : The convoy will not pass and its organizers are holding a press conference denouncing the decision of the government.
By the way this convoy was declared last by several political parties including the Constitution Party , The Strong Egypt Party and the Egyptian Social Democratic Party as well movements like April 6 Youth movement and Revolutionary way.
There are several prominent figures in the convoy like Ahmed Harara “Who lost both of his eyes in the 2011 protests by the hands of the security” , Gamila Ismail , Mostafa Naggar , Khaled Ali , Haitham Mohamedeen and Ragia Omran.
Now this convey was announced last week and started its journey from Cairo early Friday and after 200 km as well passing by several police and military checkpoints peacefully before their stop at Balloza.
Historically this happened before during the days of Mubarak , another popular relief convoy was stopped at Balloza.
Amazingly the Egyptian convey to Gaza united the Pro- ElSisi and Pro-Morsi supporters who are both attacking the activists and parties organizing this convoy as PR stunt !! 

The parties will hold a press conference back in Cairo.
Here is a video for the activists singing Sheikh Emam's revolutionary songs 

#GazaUnderAttack : When El-Bakr children were alive

Dear friend Ghazla Irshad went to Gaza in 2011 and among the stories she brought back with her a photographic report about a family that works in fishing in Gaza for decades.
Three years later that family made headlines when four of its kids were killed by the Israeli fires on the beach while they were playing. That’s El-Bakr family and here was their life in Gaza 3 years ago. According to Ghazla she does not if you took photos for those kids or not . Still this is their family , those young terrorists who were killed while playing football

I browse and search among the photos for the little boys and wonder if those were the same faces running on the beach last week for the last time in their lives.
Here is another photo taken for the 4 boys. The photographer “Siam Mohamed” says that he took it from 4 months ago.
By Siam Mohamed 
Now below a painting made by Israeli artist Amir Schiby