Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Egypt in the past 10 days

This is a summary of what happened in Egypt in the past 10 days :
Filming the raid by her iPhone (Her show Facebook page)
  • In the same week another controversial TV host or to be precise the queen of Tabliod TV in Egypt Riham Saeed showed 5 girls possessed by Christian demonic entities on her show . Despite it was one of her most viewed episodes on Al-Nahar TV , the show was just a bad spoof of Exorcist film series. Yes I saw it and it was just crazy. Now Riham got what she wanted and she was the most talked person on twitter in the past 4 days. Of course mostly she was attacked for spreading superstition and she was proven to be fabricating some parts of her show but she got what she wanted : Mona Iraqi won't take from her the crown of tabloid media queen everrrrrrrr.
Riham , the drama queen
  • A new comer to the tabloid TV show circus in Egypt , Lebanese TV host Raghad Shalhob presents a new TV show about taboos and secrets in Egypt on Hayat TV network. Her first episode was about ... drugs , oh yes and among her guests were two drug dealers who wore really funky disguise
Saeed Gamil , a drug dealer by Menna Alaa
Of course what caught my attention in this show is not that "Pimp my dealer look" but the fact that the TV show demonstrated on camera , in the studio the side effects of drugs on a living rat lab. This is considered animal cruelty if I may say. Yes white rats used in experiments all the time but not on TV
  • To prove Egypt is on the right path of democracy , Egyptian security forces refused Michele Dunn , the senior associate in the Carnegie Middle East Program to enter Egypt on December 12, 2014. Dunn was invited to some conference organized by some Pro-Regime organization. I think now we know that Dunn was right in her opinions about the regime after 3 July. We also know there is no coordination between the different governmental bodies in Egypt and the final word is for the security apparatus. The ministry of foreign affairs in Cairo says that he had no Non-tourist purposes Visa to visit Egypt and attend the conference. It was said earlier that she was banned for security related reasons not visa related reasons . Fact : US citizens are allowed to obtain a visa at the airport for business as well as tourism

Sunday, December 14, 2014

ElBaradei speaks about Arab Spring

Here is the lecture of former Vice President Mohamed ElBaradei about the Arab Spring and its lessons at Fletcher school in the United States from couple of days ago

He speaks about Arab Spring and what happened to it from ups and downs or mainly down especially in Egypt.

I can't say anything more than what he said.

By the way the Pro-regime and Pro-Military media are still attacking him day and night labelling him as agent. The fact that he speaks in public lectures abroad makes many people go coco for real back in Egypt. I mean scrolling down the El-Sisi supporters' timeline on twitter tonight following the news of this lecture , I found out that they were spreading conspiracies that that lecture was a beginning for his return to Egypt to start a new revolution next 25 January 2015 !!!

I will not lie and say that I am not angry from ElBaradei for leaving the country when many including the same youth he speaks about in pride needed and still need him as a voice. Youth are angry and frustrated , they feel that they are being abondoned by older political generations including ElBaradei's generation.

I believe Elbaradei will come back to Egypt to remind the rest of the country specifically the regime and the army as well the rest of the old political powers including the Islamists to tell them " I told you so".

Monday, December 8, 2014

I think we need an explanation

In 48 hours we found out that 2 embassies have decided to suspend their work in Cairo forcing many to ask questions and to worry.

On Saturday Australia issued officially a travel warning to its citizens about Egypt for ongoing political turmoil and the fear of possible terrorist attacks.

On Sunday UK embassy in Cairo decided to suspend its work in Cairo , they did not say when they are going to resume their work. It was more than shocking because from a week ago current UK ambassador in Egypt John Casson did what not so many Egyptian officials do and visited Al-Minya in the heart of Upper Egypt saying it was safe for anyone to visit.

On Monday the Canadian embassy in Cairo joined the UK embassy.

There is definitely something.

The government tells us that there is nothing to worry about but I am afraid I have to worry. After since when the government is honest about anything in this country. The government says that those embassies demand extra security measures in the famous Garden City area

Of course this won't encourage to come and visit Egypt , after all what kind of foreign tourist willl come and visit the country when his embassy is officially closed for security concerns.

According to security sources in the media the two embassies had to close its doors after threats from ISIS. In case you do not know IS got a branch in Egypt called "State of Sinai" or to be accurate "Ansar Beit El-Maqdis" , the infamous Sinai militant group that got distrubing CV of operations in North Sinia as well other governorates including Cairo.

Targetting the diplomatic missions was mentioned in one of the IS' recommendations published online in the websites and forums to their brothers in Egypt. I remember read those recommendations last month.

Sadly enough the Pro-regime media began to attack UK, Canada and Australia accusing them of cooperating with the Muslim Brotherhood !! This stupid claim was echoed among the Pro-Sisi supporters online. Oh and they began to share Putin's photos to tease UK , yes this is how they react.

I am worried, really worried. I think we need an explanation.


It turned out it had to do with CIA's torture report.


Friday, December 5, 2014

Let it leak : Phone calls leaks season 2 in #Egypt

And it seems that we returned once again to the new season of phone calls leaks in Egypt but this time it seems we have one hell of a season.This time we are dealing with alleged several phone calls from El-Sisi's office involving members of SCAF and current prosecutor general in Egypt. Yes forget the boring calls of the activits we are speaking SCAF !!

A Pro-Muslim Brotherhood TV channel called "Mekameleen" aired Old recorded phone calls Thursday night between Mamdouh Shahin , the minister of defense aide for legal affairs and the following name : Vice admiral Osama El-Gendy ,The commander in chief of Egyptian Navy forces, the minister of interior Mohamed Ibrahim , Lt. General Mahmoud Hejazy and Major General Abbas Kamel , the head of El-Sisi's office whether in the army or presidency.

In nutshell those 30 minutes alleged phone calls were about a technical legal problem concerning Mohamed Morsi's detention after his ouster. Morsi was allegedly detained in some military navy base prior his transfer to jail.

It is illegal in Egypt to detain a civilian in any military facility without any legal reason not to mention technically he was illegally detained for no charge officially since 3 July 2013 and so this can blow up his trials.

So the officials mentioned above allegedly falsified evidence in order to change the locations or rather the ownership of the building where Morsi was detained.

Explicitly it was said during those alleged phone calls that the building where Morsi was detained would be officially recognized as some old prison following the ministry of interior instead of the Egyptian navy whether on paper or in the real world.

If they are true , those alleged phone calls are more than alarming. We are speaking about a High level security breach in the national security and national security decision makers who break the law.

We can not authenticate those calls but damage is done already. Social media is on fire about Those calls in #Sisileaks hashtags whether in Arabic or English.

Monday, December 1, 2014

After #Mubarak's acquittal

Mubarak is acquitted and the leaders of the Arab world are calling him to congratulate him.It is merry news for them of course after all now Western media says that this verdict was like the last straw to the Arab Spring.

Anyhow today Anti-Mubarak/Anti-Sisi non-Islamists protests began to spread in Egyptian universities. We got protests in Cairo University , Helwan University and Alexandria University..etc.

The media claims that they are Islamists and Anti-Coup students but this is not untrue , already not all those students are Islamists. Most of these students are members of April 6 youth , Constitution party and Strong Egypt party. Not to mention their rallies were different than the Pro-Morsi Students against coup "SAC" rallies and they refused to cooperate with SAC students.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

#Nov28 , Acquitting #Mubarak and returning back to #Tahrir

I knew that he would be acquitted, all the indications were saying so but nothing prepared me for how I felt after knowing that the criminal court acquitted ousted president Mubarak and his cronies from ministry of interior's generals from the killing of the protesters . The corruption charges against and his sons were also dropped.

I knew that this was going to happen but I could not take it. Crying all day morning and trying to think rationally later made it hard for me to write anything here in the blog. I cried despite I knew that Mubarak would be acquitted because of Gulf States' support to the current regime. I did not expect that El-Adly and his cronies would be acquitted in that way despite I had hints and tips that they would be acquitted.

Things were developing too fast. In few hours we had the first Mubarak's interview , first Mubarak's selfie with some army officer as well the first ex-police generals' interviews where they wondered who killed the protesters in 25 January revolution.

Later the Judge released to the media the court's reasoning where he did not mention why he acquitted Mubarak and gang. Interestingly despite he praised 25 January revolution on air during the court session calling presidency to compensate the victims' families, he says that the 25 January revolution was a foreign plot.

Of course that foreign plot was supported the army and its commanders then including Egypt's current president now. It was a tough day for me with all those updates coming here and there.

I suddenly remembered the emotional letter of Rihanna Jabbari, the Iranian girl who was executed from couple of months ago for murdering an officer attempted to rape her. I remember that part and suddenly knew why that letter spread like fire among the Pro-Revolutionary youth in Egypt.

" The world did not love us. It did not want my fate. And now I am giving in to it and embracing death. Because in the court of God I will charge the inspectors, I will charge the judge, and the judges of the country’s Supreme Court."

Yes the world did not love us