Tuesday, April 22, 2014

And The women’s sit in against the protest law started "Updated"

A group of Pro-Revolutionary ladies started a sit in at the presidential palace this afternoon demanding the annulment of infamous protest law. This is the first sit in by Non Islamist forces to be held in Cairo since the dispersal of Rabaa and Nahda sits in.
The sit in started Tuesday afternoon at the presidential Palace in Heliopolis , Cairo where few lades started the sit in. (Scroll below after the break to get the latest updates)
Those few ladies are : Nourhan Hefzy “The wife of Ahmed Douma , the Nasserite activist jailed for illegal protesting” , Mona Seif , Sanaa Seif, Dr. Laila Soueif , Hend Nafae , Nihal El-Marghany , Nahla Ali and Dalia Bassiouny.
The ladies now at presidential palace by Mona Seif
There are other women members in the sit in in the afternoon but they left it leaving those ladies for now.
Hefzy is leading the scene there. The security forces demanded her to stop the sit in but she refused.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Kodak Agfa Presents : Cairo’s Nile “April 2014”

First of all Happy Sham El Nessim Last Saturday My family had an amazing Nile cruise in Cairo. Despite the cloudy weather in the afternoon , I took some snapshots for the amazing river in the busy city.
I hope you like it. This is the first time I try the new Flickr Embedded gallery , you have to put the cursor over the gallery in order to browse it.

The weather was foggy in Cairo from two days ago.
During this cruise I stopped at the Headquarter of the 23rd July revolution and its renovation.
For years this building was abandoned and it seems that the ministry of culture started its renovation from couple of years ago but yet again the project was halted.
WTF moment for real !!  
Of course the Royal Palace turned in to a headquarter of a military coup looks now as the headquarter of the Decepticons in Cairo !!!
By the way browsing and organizing my photos on Flickr, I found out that I got over 200 photos for the Nile whether in Cairo , Giza , Luxor and Aswan. To be honest it deserves this.

Lord Allenby in Cairo .. in Video

The people of Port Said burn their Allenby effigy as part of their Sham El-Nessim's celebration traditions and as part of my Sham El-Nessim's Celebration this year I present to you Lord Edmund Allenby himself from British Pathe archives.

This clip was filmed in year 1922 when Egypt was granted semi-independence following the 1919 revolution.
It is worth to mention that most Egyptians pronounce the name of Allenby as Allemby. I can not forget also that that Lord Allenby or Allemby's name was immortalized in the history of our cinema and pop culture, thanks to Producer Ahmed El-Sobky's cult film "Allemby"

Back to Port Said and its celebrations this year ,well this year the Allenby effigies are for Erdogan, Prince of Qatar and his mother , Obama , Ethiopian Dam and Israel as usual.
Erdogan , one of the stars of this year's Allenby's parade

Sunday, April 20, 2014

#SaveFustat : The Landfill started already

The Cairo governorate and Arab Contractors started to landfill with sands one of the important sites in El-Fustat area. Here are photos showing the progress in the site from Egypt’s heritage task force Facebook Page and El Basara Facebook Page.
Again here is a post for the excavation works in the site. As far as I know this site was being excavated by a French archaeological mission in Egypt. Supposedly the mission is in a holiday now !! I do not know if they know about this disaster taking place or not but they have to speak up.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Haifa’s film and the Role of the Prime Minister

And the Prime minister of Egypt Ibrahim Mahlab has made something no other Prime minister in the history of modern Egypt made before.
From two days ago he issued his decision to suspend a film called “Halawet Rooh” from screening in the cinemas. Yes the Prime minister of Egypt banned for the first time a film in the cinema.
“Halawet Rooh” is produced by none other the notorious cult films pioneer Ahmed El-Sobky , directed by Sameh Abdel Aziz and starring the Arab world  Lebanese sex bombshell Haifa Wehbe.
Now for those who do not know “Halawet Rooh” is actually the Egyptian version of the famous Italian film “Malena” ,  yup that award wining sad romantic film starring Monica Bellucci. Of course the filmmakers of “Halawet Rooh” do not say that it was plagiarized despite the posters of the film were ripped off completely from the original Italian film.
Halawet Rooh's poster 

Malena's poster 

Unlike the award winning Italian film , “Halawet Rooh” film is another disgusting cult film.
One look to the trailer and its official song or even worse ; the statements of its stars you will know what I am talking about !!

Friday, April 18, 2014

The photos and the Cartoon of the day

This photo or rather series of photos were the most shared photos in my twitter timeline , they had to be the photos of the day.
From Anadoulu News agency

The president on a wheel chair
The photos of Algerian president Abdel Aziz Bouteflika heading to cast his vote in Polling station in the presidential elections on a  wheel chair along with his brother and his little nephew.
The Bouteflika "AFP"

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

#SaveFustat : Save the Excavation Works

Here are some photos for the excavation works in the old archaeological site of El Fustat City , Egypt’s first Capital under the Islamic role. These excavation works were made by a French archaeological mission which stopped its work because of the current security situation. (Photos taken in 2012 by Conservation architect Omneya Abdel Barr"
In case you do not know  that archaeological city is going to be transferred in to a garden by Cairo governorate and the ministry of antiquities is ok with that.
As you can see the remains of the Fustat city were built by mud and thus turning this area in to a garden

#EndSH : What do school girls Think about Sexual Harassment ?

Dignity with borders made another video clip about sexual harassment and young Egyptian students in schools. The first video ,a shocking one was about the views of young boys in the schools about sexual harassment. I posted it here earlier this month.

School girls’ views about sexual harassments

By the way new amendments were added to the current sexual harassment law and soon enough the interim president will issue the law with the new amendments.
The new amendments include harsher penalties for sexual harassers as well for mob sexual harassments. This is the first time mob sexual harassments are included.
I do not think these amendments would have seen the lights if it were not for the campaigns started online to fight this disgusting epidemic.