Saturday, August 30, 2014

#FreeAJStaff : A message from Baher to his Son

Baher Mohamed , the imprisoned Al Jazeera International produced was gifted by a very beautiful son last Thursday. The new born boy’s name is Haroun
Baher wrote a very moving letter to his new born son from his prison in Tora that was published in English
last Thursday.

Here are parts of the letter
Baby Haroun 
Sorry because you were born where free people are behind bars, including your father. Sorry too because you have come to a society where its freedom’s restricted. But I promise you I will always fight for liberty. I don’t want you to give up on this society…because I am sure that soon everything will change for the better

My dear children; there are things I learnt and I want to share with you. I was always fighting for the truth in my career, and that was not easy. Whatever it takes; keep looking for the truth and never be afraid of it. I want you all to maintain your dignity. It is one of your most precious values. Always be patient because you will face lots of obstacles in your path. Always be good to all, even to those who treat you badly.

Kodak Agfa Presents : Nile at Night

I took those photos last Ramadan at some café on the Nile in Zamalak. This is one of my attempts to take photos without tripod at night using my hands without any shakes.

I love the colored light reflections on the Nile , it is more than beautiful especially where you are standing on the bank of the Nile.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

And Mourners bid Farewell to Ahmed Seif El-Islam

Hundreds of mourners bid farewell to human rights activist and leftist lawyer Ahmed Seif El-Islam in a big funeral.

For hours we did not know if Alaa and his sister Sanaa were going to attend their father’s funeral or not. At 2 PM I knew that Alaa and Sanaa are going to attend their father’s memorial service next Saturday but there was no confirmed news that they were going to attend the funeral.

Later we knew that they would attend the burial. Yes Alaa and Sanaa attended the burial.

During the burial Alaa Abdel Fattah told the mourners that his father was martyr and that we all knew who killed him.

Alaa : My father is a martyr and you all know who killed him

Here is a heartbreaking photo gallery for the funeral after the break.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

#RIP Ahmed Seif El-Islam (1951-2014)

From few hours ago Egypt has lost one of its famous human rights defenders lawyers and human rights activists MR. Ahmed Seif El-Islam Abdel Fattah
Seif El-Islam died in coma after a cardiac arrest he got following an open heart surgery in Cairo.
Originally a leftist , Seif El-Islam defended the rights of people in Egypt since late 1980s regardless of their ideological beliefs. Since the 1980s Ahmed Seif El-Islam defended the rights of political detainees whether liberals or Islamists or socialists or Nasserites. He was from the few that kept their humanity and refused to turn in to a monster in a world full of monsters.

A victim of torture himself during his detention in time of Mubarak , Seif El-Islam who headed Hisham Mubarak center for human rights for some time was vocal against torture against humans as well sick police practices during the Mubarak era as well after the revolution.
By Carlos Latuff
During Mohamed Morsi’s short era , the 63 years layer who was appointed in the National council for human rights was from the first people to resign from his position to object the infamous constitutional declaration issued during then. After the 30th June Ahmed Seif El-Islam was from the first prominent figures to describe the dispersal of Rabaa as a massacre from a year ago.
In a sad irony the last client for Mr. Seif El-Islam was his son Alaa Abdel Fattah who is currently in jail serving 15 years for unauthorized protesting. Ahmed Seif El-Islam’s youngest daughter Sanaa is always in jail pending a trial for unauthorized protesting as well.

And Some people protested against #CatMassacre

And yes there could be important stuff like the Emirati Egyptian airstrike in Libya “Which I am working on a post about it” and the detainees’ food strike as well the ceasefire in Gaza but I can not ignore this
A group of people including animals rights activists protested against the Cats Massacre outside the gates of the famous upscale club Tuesday afternoon
Yes surprisingly not less than hundred people showed up and protested against the cats massacre at Gazeera sporting club. This protest also was set up by a Facebook event. I see the photos and I feel that there is hope.

Monday, August 25, 2014

The cats Massacre in #GSC : Not the First and Probably Not the last !! "Graphic"

And Gezira Sporting Club does it again; it got rid from stray cats in the famous club in the most barbaric way. The cats were poisoned and beaten till death with no mercy what so ever.
Photo by Cherine Ismail Rachid
Photo by Cherine Ismail Rachid
Photo by Cherine Ismail Rachid
It seems that cats massacre as it is called by tweeps on twitter happened in the past 48 hours.
Photos emerged on Facebook showing the poor creatures poisoned and beaten.
Photo by Cherine Ismail Rachid

Sunday, August 24, 2014

This is considered an act of War !!!!

Do you remember Hillary Clinton’s fictional book that caused a lot of noise in Egypt and Lebanon ?? Well it seems that the story of that fictional book and its chapters will not finish.
Mohamed El-Ghaity : El-Sisi attacked the US 6th Fleet !!
The video above is from Tahrir TV’s political show “Wake up” {Yes this is its name} two days ago and its TV host Mohamed El-Ghaity is telling the viewers the following story quoted from the so-called Hillary Clinton’s book.
During the Raba’a sit in , we remember that crazy MB woman who said on the stage that the United States sixth fleet moved from Italy and came near the Egyptian shores in order to rescue them and the pro-Morsi protesters at Raba’a cheered for her. She was saying the truth.
Yes it turned out that the United States indeed gave orders to its Sixth fleet to move to Alexandria according to the US secretary Hillary Clinton’s memories and you won’t believe what happened next , I will tell what happened according to the book and what I know personally as new facts not mentioned in the book
The United States sixth fleet moved heading to Alexandria but our great armed forces  stood against it , our air forces sent our old air jets to warn the warships and then the great man who headed the navy then Mohab Mamish sent our hero frogmen to those warships. This great man told our frogmen {either you bring victory or you become martyrs and so our great men brought victory.}
Our frogmen attacked one of the American warships and captured its commander and brought him back to Egypt !!
I am responsible for what I say !!
Our old air jets are Russians but they were developed by Egyptians and so they were not spotted on radar !!
Then one of the members of SCAF called Obama and delivered to him El-Sisi’s message that we will not stand any threat and we will expose them to the world … !!
I will not comment on that talk except this is considered an act of war from both countries.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Against all the odds , #Palestine Will Survive

This beautiful artwork is made by Palestinian artist Imad Abu Shtayyah and it is the best thing to describe Palestine. 

Coming from the rubble like the phoenix  from ashes , Palestine will rise against all the odds.
This is what Abu Shtayyah wrote on his official Facebook page about this beautiful artwork
From the destruction and hatred you sow
From every inch of our land
That hosted a martyr
We shall return…
Despite of your killing and brutality
and the collaboration of traitors
who sold out
helping to realize your schemes
in our Palestine.
We shall return to our land
to the land of our ancestors

The last death toll in Gaza has reached to 2085. Children are still dying in the Israeli raids.
Israel killed three Qassem commanders and the Palestinian resistance led by Qassem won’t be silent.