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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Egyptian X-files :The fall of Babel

Really I don’t know how to start this chapter because this is a mine area and the part that causes all the controversy that may turn him to a hero and in the same time it may turn him to a traitor and this is the simplest way to describe it. Seriously I don’t know how to start writing in this area of that man’s life as it seems to me to be more complicated than any other cold war literature novel I read “I love so much this literature, the serious realistic one
To understand the story well I will start from the end
London, 45 Carlton house trace
1:40 PM London local time on the 27th of June 2007Ashraf+marwan+flat
Suddenly the fancy high class street silence was broken by the fall of man from the 5th floor to the ground causing his death, a man in his sixties, for sure the people in the street didn’t recognized that man at the first instance
Surely the police identified later when it came the identity of the dead man and surely they knew they were dealing with another special Egyptian case, in fact the most dangerous Egyptian death case, Soad Hosni ,Lathy Nasaf and Ali Shafik could be nothing compared with it, they can be considered as more domestic cases compared to Marwan’s case , after all the man knew many secrets , many dirty secrets then the actress , the head of the presidential Guards and the secretary of Abd El Hakim Amar , all those didn’t play or have the access of information he had , they played one role in one time , Hosni and Shafik roles were in the Nasserite era and Nasaf role was in the early Sadaat era , yet Marwan played different roles in different era , he was there in the Nasserite era , he was there is in the Sadaat era and he left Egypt in Mubarak’s era to play another role in not less dangerous arena than the decision making that was arms dealing.
The third Egyptian with an enigmatic history to die in London from falling off the balcony, it must draw question mark, sorry question marks in the case of Marwan
From the initial reports we knew that the multi billionaire was alone in his luxury apartment, only the house keeper and the cook were in the kitchen, strange loneliness for a man that was said to be very sick , his wife  was in a visit in Lebanon , his son was in Egypt and is said thatIMG_2651_1183046341 he couldn’t leave it before the shocking news arrived to Cairo as there was a general attorney ‘S order to restrict him from leaving the country and the second son seemed to be some where , well may be he was in work. I don’t know if he had body guards or not but even if he had, they were useless as they were not there either.
The housekeeper herself didn’t know that her master fall off the balcony and was on the ground cold and dead for three hours till she found the police knocking on the door to inform her the sad news in 4 pm, the woman didn’t hear anything and I think that even if she heard and she saw by her own eyes anything she would not say it that simple otherwise she would join her master in the other life, this is of course an assumption no more no less
A strange loneliness for sure for a sick man, it is strange that there was only three person including him in that time, of course it would not be more strange then understanding what the man was doing in the balcony in the first place, this is not Cairo, people don’t stand in balconies to smell breeze there hell no, there was not even breeze on that day in London, a day with rains and winds that make anyone think twice before going to the balcony but anyhow there was an eye witness who saw him in the balcony talking in his mobile phone standing on his stick losing his balance and thus fall off the balcony , an interesting testimony for an eye witness who turned to be Egyptian who saw him across the street in the fifth floor , surely this Egyptian has a good sight to identify the man in the fifth floor .
First here is the balcony and as you can see there are tree branches around it
I don’t know if that was the correct floor or what, but you see it is surrounded with tree branches as I said, of course I don’t know in reality how it looks but from this photo I will assume that the man in order to have a clear view to see Marwan falling down and in his hand a mobile phone then he should be standing in front of the flat directly not walking in the street, already here is the street image from Google earth and the building itself
 Ashraf Marwan
I don’t know how to explain it but this is what first came to my mind when I saw the photos and read the first part of the testimony.
Already this Egyptian eye witness whose name was not mentioned in the daily Wafad or Al-Ahram newspapers which were the only newspapers to publish his testimony said that he was a friend of late Marwan, of course he didn’t mention why he was walking in that street in that time in particularly, you know the strange coincidence system and so according to that eye witness the man was alone and fall off accidentally.
The Wafad newspaper contained with another controversial testimony even more bizarre than the above testimony, some close friend to the family said that the man was preparing to head for Heathrow airport before the accident by 15 minutes as he was planning for a short visit to Cairo. In normal days the only thing I will stop at in this testimony is wondering what happened in those 15 minutes, the last 15 minutes in his life, as according to that testimony he was on his way but something came up and delayed him in those 15 minutes to miss that presumed flight to Cairo alive forever , but because these are not normal days or incident I will stop at the part of going to Cairo in the first place on that day the 27th of June 2007 , already this is anonymous source that claimed to a be friend of the family , no family member mentioned this incident including his own sister who spoke on air on the Egyptian National TV on air about his brother , may be he didn’t inform her ,still this is not my issue here because according to another witness , a very important one the man was not going to Cairo on that day at all , in fact he had meeting with him on that day in the evening according an appointment Marwan made by himself in the previous day the 26th of June 2007 , already Marwan left to that person on that night about 3 messages on his answer machine and this is according to the Israeli daily newspapers Yediot Ahronot and Haaretz so how on earth he would be leaving to Cairo for a short visit in the afternoon while he had an appointment in the evening ?? That ‘s London we are speaking about not Beirut two hours in flight only and who was that man he wanted to meet so much that he left three messages on his answer machine in the first place ?? And why did he want to meet so much?? Believe me the answer will make you wonder and think over and over
That man whom he talked and had an appointment with is Ahron Bregman, the Israeli Ahron Bregman 150px-Bregman2and I think now the story will take a new turn when we know that Mr. Bregman is the author of the controversial book “A history of Israel” that was published in year 2002 and it seemed the history of the Hebrew state became so interesting when the name of Marwan appeared directly with no aliases like Babel or the in law or the groom to reveal the personality of the top Mossad spy or even double agent as Bregman hinted .
Let’s see first what was mentioned in the book because it would make us understand why Bregman considered Marwan a personality that should be mentioned in the history of Israel in the chapter concerning the Yom Kipper war 1973
straight thus representative of Mossad in the Embassy didn’t accept his request yet the young man persisted to leave his personal information and promised that he would return again. Then the officials in Mossad took this information in order to check it and they were shocked and surprised when they found that this volunteer guy was an important official who was related to President Gamal Abd El-Nasser himself. The Israelis recruited him immediately and he was consider after that from the most important Egyptian Spies in Israel that he used to be paid in every meeting with his supervisor Mossad officer 100,000 £.In Year 1973 the Mossad discovered that he had given them wrong information regarding the date of the war that made them suspect in his loyalty and the possibility to be a double agent for the sake of the Egyptian intelligence to keep the personality of that important spy anonymous for protection they gave him the alias “The Doctor” or “The son in law” and that operation was given the name “Operation Babel” , the real name of that spy was Ashraf Marwan!!
Ahron may be the first one to expose his name internationally with more shocking details about information and incidents you would surprise to hear about if you are familiar with our History between 1969 and 1973 in the English version of his book but he was not the first time to speak about this anonymous powerful spy in the Egyptian regime between 1969 and 1973.
From 14 years ago that was in year 1993 Major General “Res.”Eli Zeira” who headed the military intelligence during the Yom kipper war published a book in Hebrew under the title "Myth versus Reality: The Yom Kippur War - Failures and Lessons." To defend himself as in his book, Zeira countered the findings of the Agranat Commission, which the government had appointed to investigate its performance and that of the defense establishment before and during the war. The committee found that Zeira was responsible for the MI's failure to give an advance warning of the war, already this commission accused Zeira for negligence and thus he had to resign from his position. In that book Zeira accused an Egyptian spy who was working for the Mossad at that time to withhold information about the Egyptians’ Preparation taking an advantage from his position as trustworthy and reliable source!! Still the name was unknown but from time to time Zeira forgot himself and said the name of Marwan to journalists whether foreigners or local like Mr. Bregman and Haaretz newspaper in 2003 after the publish Mr. Bregman’s book. Matters got more complicated whether in Egypt or Israel as I remember the independent and opposition newspapers began to speak about this spy whether in direct or in indirect way here in Egypt where in Israel “Zeira” began telling the story everywhere even in TV, on late 2003 he appeared in an interview for the Israeli TV channel 1 where he again said the name of Marwan but this time he accused him of being a double agent who worked for the Egyptian side!!
And since then the same question was repeated in Tel Aviv and Cairo “which side he was on??”
Back to Marwan who till the day of his death didn’t confirm or deny any of these allegations despite the claims of Bregman that he was a double 1_100118_1_3agent who framed the Mossad and despite the wishes of the Nasserites that the son in law of their beloved hero is a national hero who framed their enemy , the problem as I said was the silence not only Marwan but the silence of the Egyptian intelligence which didn’t comment in anyway about the subject from day one despite all the requests of the people for an investigation , those people included Nasser head of intelligence after 1967 Amin El-Howdy himself who once said on TV that Nasser children were working for the intelligence !!
No one understood why Marwan was silent all that time but surely the pressure on him in the last couple of weeks in Egypt and also Israel with the return of his case again played an important role in his last hours in life. I forgot to say that after the TV interview of “Zeira” General “Zvi Zamir”, the head of the Mossad during the 1973 war accused the first of betraying Marwan's identity, “Zamir” already was the officer who met with Marwan in London on the eve of the 1973 war ; the thing which made Zeira mad to the degree that he filed a libel suite against Zamir since 2004, only from two weeks ago a court ruled that he indeed exposed and leaked the name of Marwan, putting the later’s life in danger
According to this the danger from the court point of view was the Egyptians who would kill their agent even if that agent doesn’t work anymore with them and even if that agent can be double and thus it can affect the future of recruiting spies an agents
The court rule reached to Egypt and suddenly from few days we found in Al-Ahram newspaper ,in Salah Montasr’s daily column a huge attack on Marwan demanding an immediate investigation , of course with no direct name
Then only from three days ago without mentioning names in his daily TV show “Cairo today” Amr Adeeb attacked him again calling him Babel and demanding an investigation.
According to some friends of Marwan he felt his life was in danger that he had feared assassination, the good question danger from whom the Egyptians or Israelis
Anyhow it is very interesting as I see it for a double agent who was spying for Israel yet in fact he was misleading them to have good or even excellent friendly relations with them; after all in the infamous Iran-Contra his name was mentioned to be a middle-man between Iran and Israel ,this is from one side and from the other side the excellent friendly relationship with the Israeli author Bregman, I mean according to Bregman he wanted to talk him very urgent so much in the last 48 hours that he phoned him several time and made an appointment with him ,of course we could check the truth of this talk by checking the appointments journal in the fancy Carlton house terrace building in the entrance as no one goes in this building except without an informed appointment to the security downstairs .
Bregman told Al-Arabiya that when he talked the day before Marwan on the phone he seemed fine but he was complaining from what was published in the Israeli newspapers especially Haaretz newspaper during its coverage to Zeira trial he had sent to Bregman a copy of two articles from the same newspaper that caused to him a headache !!
I wonder and you will wonder what did Marwan want to say to Bregman in that meeting which never took place , the relation between them already makes you ask several questions especially it turned out that Bregman met Marwan several times
According to Bergman and also to other sources the man was going to publish his memories which will answer lots of questions mainly whether he was a traitor or a hero, but to be honest such man memories if it were true that he was going to write or even started to write it down would reveal more than that and it would make some upset other than the two countries intelligence
Bregman claims in his statements to Al-Arabiya .net that Marwan told him that he started writing his memories in year 1971 before working with the Mossad , strangely I thought that Bregman himself had said in his book that late Marwan started his work with the Mossad in year 1969 after two years from the six days war !!
Bregman as I said believed that the man was a double agent yet on the other hand the Israeli Mossad believed that he is still their man and he should be protected, strange is not it??
Did this presumed meeting have to do with the death?? May be who knows??
Did Marwan pay the price of cheating?? And who forced him to pay his life??
I don’t know about you but I don’t believe that Mossad killed this man, seriously it is no use after all those years, if that was true why they didn’t hunt down Gomah El-Shawl, the famous Egyptian double agent who framed them and got that device, the state of Art in the 1960s which America produced from only three, one in the state, one in Israel and the other one reached to Egypt, El-Shawl is living and kicking without guards in Cairo
I mean this talk about his treason to them in the 1973 was there since 14 years why they would now decide to hunt him down. Already I don’t believe that they wanted to expose him intentionally like some secret service experts in Egypt suggested , may be they did for another purposes but it seems to me that a fool with an ego like Zeira wanted to clear his name plus it would be very obvious that the Mossad behind it
Zamir, the ex-head of Mossad said that he believed the man was either killed or committed suicide because of the exposure of his work with the Mossad, in his opinion he may have committed suicide for fear which I don’t think so, Marwan is a kind of man not that sensitive, but being killed well he was an arm dealer this is possible and if we take the exact words of Zamir and understand them as he wants you will know that the Egyptian intelligence may be involved but this will be on the assumption that he was not a double agent but rather working for the Israelis ,strangely El-Dostor today said that the ex-head of Mossad accused the MII of killing him !! Well I read most of that man’s interviews and he didn’t accuse the MII of killing Marwan , he only accused Zeira the ex-head of MII of causing the death of Marwan , logically I don’t know why the MII would go after a spy that framed them from more than 25 years and leave those who really framed them in Lebanon !!??
Assumptions ,Assumptions Assumption that all what we have
We are still with the mysterious crime of summer 2007 this is just another episode, wait another one, already every day there are new facts and questions but no answers and according to the British Court rule there will be an investigation as it is no regular death for sure
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Had she been to Egypt ??

Good Cop, Baby Cop

Had this lady been to the police academy in Egypt??

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Friday, June 29, 2007

Lord of the war

It has passed 48 hours only on the death of Ashraf Marwan and rumors are starting to pour from here and there like the rain, these rumors really are expected thing with the mysterious death of Marwan that made the people remember the mysterious death of Soad Hosni, ; second thing the man’s life itself was mysterious and its seems that he was not that popular
I don’t know from where I shall start the trip in the real dark side of Marwan, I mean it turned out there are so dark paths in that man’s life
The Lord of the war
“Check the film Lord of the war
First of all the start will be with the Arm dealing stuff, of course I said before that there were rumors in Egypt thanks to the Egyptians abroad that the man was an arm dealer, well guess what it seems that he used to have business with late Ihab Nafea in arm dealing according to a new rumor, of course it is no use because both men are dead now but what it confirms is that he was working in arm dealing as it was well known that Nafea had his own days in the dirty business, not only Nafea, this is just the start
Already I read all the news reports that were published today and yesterday whether in Egypt or in any other countries and I noticed that they didn’t mention what exactly was his business field , he was a business man , great but what was this kind of business?? From where did he get all that money that made him earn the title of billionaire and live in at 45 Carlton gardens street in the 5th floor not to mention his son who owns several music and film channels??
I don’t think that the President‘s Secretary of information or the head of the Arabic organization for manufacture salaries could make him that rich!!
His position in the Arabic Organization for manufacture opened to him the vast door in the world of the Arm dealing, strangely he became the youngest head of the organization at the age of 29 years old only in year 1974 by the order of the President himself , soon enough in 1979 he left his position after being appointed as an Ambassador with the degree of excellence , but for unknown reason he stayed in London and began his business ,cutting all his relations with politics publicly, back in Egypt there were inquires in the assembly regarding the deals he made during his time in AOM with charges of corruption , one of those inquires was about his commission they said he took from famous Saudi businessman , arm dealer and worth to mention ,the man of the C.I.A in the Arab world Kamal Adham , who was the agent of Boeing at that time regarding Egypt’s purchases from airplanes , of course he was proved to be innocent!!
For me taking commission from Kamal Adham to buy Boeing is nothing compared to what I found in the accusations regarding his arm dealing business, the man turned to be part in the dirtiest and strange arm deals in the world that exposed his name internationally but no nationally because Egyptians didn’t know about his role with Adnan El-Khashoggi in the Iran –contra affair where the men were accused to be middle men between America “ may be Israel” and Iran during the Iran-Iraq war, what can I say except those two men helped in killing all those Muslims and humans in the first place from both side , what a remarkable moral , already it is said that Marwan had earned from the Iran –Iraq war only more than 700 million dollar !!
Ok we got the point but what it has to do with the strange death??!!
Being an Arm dealer means having many enemies more than you can imagine, here we are talking about the deadliest industry in the world that wars can be fabricated in order to make it flourish
Also to keep yourself life and rich in this awful trade you must not play fair or kind at all, it is not the good kind people, and after all you know very well that what you are doing is illegal that causes the death of people
What I am trying to say here is that if Marwan was an Arm dealer for real “and I think he was” and if he was pushed from the balcony in London “and I think he was too” then we must put the probability that he could have been killed in some sort of a business revenge, some other very angry Arm dealers or very angry country or militia wanted to get rid of him, this is well expected in this sort of trade, the death trade
Really his army dealing business made me lose all the respect I can have for him, illegal business that causes the people death around the globe, and not to mention it is prohibited by Islam considering the money earned from this business Haram or sinful that has no bless, on the contrary it is cursed hell money that never brings happiness nor health
Public opinion
During all those years Ashraf Marwan was considered as another runaway corrupted regime opportunist who was living in London, some suspected the man to be an arm dealer, he was neither popular nor beloved, and also the tensions between his wife Mona and her elder sister Huda helped in making people believe all what they heard about his twisted business after all Huda is a very respectable who seemed to be very careful on her dad’s name and legacy. The name of Ashraf Marwan came again to the light when his son married the daughter of Amr Moses ,the former popular foreign minister and current secretary general of the Arab league then again he disappeared but came again powerfully after couple of years indirectly when his other son opened his controversial music video channel melody , year after year the channel proved to bring them lots of money and lots of criticism whether from its rude ads to explicit songs that Huda Abd El-Nasser seemed to be angry when she was always asked if Gamal Marwan was her son and if he was the grandson of Nasser on air in TV shows .
The Surprise turned from two days ago when Gamal Marwan that son turned to be restricted from travel according to the General Attorney order and don’t even ask because I only knew today from the news , usually that restriction is issued against the business men who took loans from banks and didn’t pay it again ,of course
Marwan in London I forgot to mention had an alliance with the business men that stood against Mohamed El-Fayed, whether El-Fayed‘s ex-brother in law Adnan or his British rival whom I can’t remember his name right now, again this alliance or hate between him and El-Fayed made many Egyptian dislike him as several Egyptians were and are still sympathy with El-Fayed. The best way to describe how the people considered or saw Marwan was to watch a TV series that was shown from two years under the name of “Mahmoud El-Masry” the bio of El-Fayed, well the enemy of El-Fayed since his days in Egypt was single man who wanted to destroy him, a corrupted opportunist who married his boss’s daughter only to be promoted, Egyptian viewers didn’t waste their time in guessing whom this character was in reality , it was crystal clear , He was Ashraf Marwan
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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Egypt warns its official from using blackberry too

Do you remember this post ?? well it seems that they took my advice and followed the French act and decided to warn the officials from using blackberry too and ban it in the ministries

It is really good news to hear it that they are still care for the national security

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The opportunist “The bright dark side of the moon”

There are many indicators about the people personalities and manners that make you predict their future whether if it is successful or unsuccessful, honorable or dishonorable.
My Mother was studying in the famous Kowmia School in Agouza in Giza in its golden age when all the children of the Revolution leadership council members were there, of course she was much younger yet she can remember very well how the teachers spoke about their beloved president’s daughters Huda and Mona, despite the iron hand Nasser was ruling Egypt with the people were not hypocrite as they were always speaking about them in a true manner. 
In brief the two sisters from the same father and mother were the best living example for the Egyptian proverb “Two siblings with two different personalities” ,they were like East and West ,Huda was very bright and there were rumors that she would be the next Andrea Gandhi ,after all it was said that the faculty of Economics and Politics sciences in Cairo university was opened for her , where as the other one who was not as bright as Huda but liked and still likes to enjoy the joys of life : Was Mona
Mona was not as clever as Huda in her study at all ,Huda was very intelligent ,the first on her class not because she was the daughter of Nasser but she was really hard working girl ,where as the other one was not the first at all and that’s why her father the President decided to make her join the American University in Cairo in the 1960s after finishing the secondary stage , back then the AUC was not regarded as the prestigious university for the elite more than it used to accept any high school grades ,there were not private universities then .
After joining the AUC with a short period the Egyptians in the mid 1960s saw the images of her marriage in the newspaper, an expected thing for a 194810770_1b741548e7_oyoung girl in her age that didn’t have interest in education or politics as her sister.
The Egyptians in the same newspaper, in the same report were introduced for the first time to the young man who was lucky enough to marry the daughter of their fearful beloved dictator ruler; the young lad’s name was Ashraf Marwan, a name they thought that they would only hear as the son in law of Nasser, but the young lad’s name proved to be included in the Egyptian modern history, a name of enigma more than a name of …a groom
Many people in Egypt back then thought the young man was a clever opportunist, Mona Abd El-Nasser was neither that beautiful nor bright, and she was the kind of a girl who anyone can fool with words of love, of course this one is a suicide person because he would be fooling with the daughter of president Nasser in that hour, the next hour he would be in some dungeon.
And the Egyptians’ point was right as the graduate of the faculty of Sciences who was working in the central laboratories of the army suddenly was transferred to work in the Presidency in no time, he joined the office of the President Nasser for information till he reached to be the assistant of information for the President Secretary himself the famous Sami Sharaf ; do not ask me what his job title meant , you know this kind of the vague titles , but I think it was related to the intelligence , suddenly he went to London to get it a PhD , a PhD which many suspected that he had bought ,especially he was not using it in his real job what ever it was and suddenly he was acting like some sort of Ambassador traveling here and there
No wonder the Egyptians were not fond of him, the strange thing his father in law Nasser himself was not fond of the young man and I think I know why Nasser was very clever, after all he used to teach the intelligence subject in the War school, I think he understood the real character of Marwan and how dangerous he could be and thus he used the old technique to make him under his control or at least that what he though he was doing.
Marwan’s name and role didn’t come to real public exposure and made headlines except after his father in law was dead and President Mohamed Anwar El-Sadaat was the man in charge, Marwan as an opportunist knew that time had changed and there was a new sheriff in town he should earn his trust and thus it was a big surprise to find the name of Marwan among the officers who stood with President Nasser Sadaat against who were used to be called “The Centers of powers” in the correction revolution , the story goes on that young daring brave Marwan gave documents and records that proved the guilt of those men, the old men of President Nasser who hated the idea that there was a real respectable man who wanted to get rid from their corruption , the same men who trained Marwan and trusted him just like Sami Sharaf, of course they forgot the golden rule to trust nobody in the political arena , after all they were and are the kind of men who sell their souls to the devil in order to have power
President Sadaat in return rewarded Marwan making him his secretary for information till year 1974 then he moved him to the Arabic organization for manufacture which was concerned at that time with the military productions from arms and air fighters development, after that he left Egypt to live in London and start his career as businessman
Marwan was so rich in London and yet no one knew from what exactly, we were not familiar with the name of El-Fayed but with Marwan.  Rumors about him from Egyptians living in UK began to reach the mother land saying that the man was a world famous arms dealer, this rumor who many confirmed I heard it personally from someone who is living in London for 40 years up till now, already the man headed the Egyptian community there for couple of years. Of course the Arm dealing rumor can be enforced with his previous work in the Arabic organization for manufacture
The rumors about him and his family in UK were not so promising; in fact it proved that we are in front of some classical case of broken families and that money and power some time are a curse, from the same source above I heard that Mona Abd El-Nasser was alcoholic  from some time, already if you saw her picture now especially her neck and her hands, comparing with women in her age also comparing her with her sister you will believe there is something went wrong , already I don’t like this woman because I can’t forget her pictures in the Blue Band concert in Egypt from two years ago , you know when a 60-something lady acts like some 16 years old girl ,since then I don’t respect her anymore
Of course we can’t forget that a man like Marwan had many enemies in his life to spread these rumors about him and his family, after all there are quite number of the old buddies whether from the Abd El-Hakim Amar gang and Power center gang who are still living and kicking in London, also we can not forget his long hatred to Mohamed El-Fayed, a hatred that I can’t understand
Now these are just quick facts about Marwan
- He was born in Cairo in year 1945 as Mohamed Ashraf Abu El-Wafa Marwan 194810768_623b94e2a7_o
- His father was an army officer who later worked as the head of the free shops
- He has two sons Gamal and Ahmed
- Gamal owns the melody channels and music company , Ahmed works in London with his dad
- Ahmed was married to Hania Amr Moses , the former popular Egyptian foreign minister ,a move that made many Egyptians including me surprised due to the bad fame of Marwan as arm dealer , but they got divorce after having two children Ahmed and Amina
- He got four grand children
This is the bright dark face of Ashraf Marwan, the President Nasser’s son in law and the infamous arm dealer or famous business man, the father of Gamal Marwan
Unfortunately his death came after we were introduced publicly in Egypt to his real dark face and despite the attempt to beautify it by some in Egypt; I think it is much uglier then being a heartless arm dealer!!
UPDATES: I just updated quickly some silly typing mistakes thanks for Jarelkamar "Haisam"
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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ok my goodness Marwan fall from the balcony ,the balcony phantom of London strikes again

I could not believe myself I swear when I heard my mom telling me that Ashraf Marwan died from falling off the balcony !!?? I hurried to hear the news in the official TV , the news anchorwoman is insisting that it was not a murder despite Scotland Yard didn't issue its official report ,nor did they examine the body yet !!???
According to the Egyptian TV reporter in London ,the police are still there examining the luxury 5th floor flat where he used to live with his assistants in a very elite street in London , from the initial reports , the man went to smell some fresh air in the balcony and he suddenly fall off  to join the club of the Egyptians balcony victims in London !!
Oh yes he was not the first , in fact this accident or death  I believe already to be in murder , pardon my conspiracy theory's mind and no it is not the Mossad as the Nasserists will go and chant day and night
Six years ago the Cinderella of the Egyptian Cinema Soad Hosni fall off the balcony in Stewart Tower in an enigmatic accident I consider as a Murder
In the 1970s El-Lathy Nassaf , the head of the Presidential guards fall off the balcony also in Stewart Tower in another more enigmatic accident I consider as a Murder
And now we got Ashraf Marwan fall off his balcony too !!
Three influential personalities in both the Sadaat and Nasser era fall off balconies in London
What is this ??
Is there some sort of a balcony phantom in London that goes after every Egyptian who dares and stands in the balcony
Still there is no single news in the Internet till now , and also come back because I am more than an Egyptian who believes in Conspiracy theory
Please tell me what you think in the poll on your right hand
  1. The Flat is at the Carlton Gardens  street near St. James in London
  2. Marwan was so ill , he had undergone four open heart surgeries in the past period
  3. He lost about 50 kilometers from his original weight
  4. The weather in London today was so bad to open a window , rains with wind so how on earth would a sick man would go and stand in the balcony
  5. He died in 1:40 PM
  6. Some say he was alone , some say no , in fact I don't think a sick man like him would be alone
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Ashraf Marwan ,the groom dies in London

This man I wanted to talk about him a lot yet I had no time before but I guess despite my illness I will have to talk about him now after his sudden mysterious death in London today
First this is the news : Famous Egyptian Business man Ashraf Marwan died in London and Scotland yard denies any criminal suspect in his death in a very quick respond , I mean the Scotland yard doesn't issue a quick statement when an Egyptian Business man dies there usually not to mention the rapid announcement in the Egyptian National TV in the news bar before Al-Jazeera or any other channel
Yet one thing for sure Ashraf Marwan was not like an other Egyptian Businessman , if the Businessman was the correct word to describe
Ok to answer the question Who was that guy??
Ashraf Marwan was the son of law of President Gamal Abdel Nasser, he married his daughter Mona , the young generations know him only that he is the father of the owner of the controversial Melody TV Channels Gamal Marwan , yet for people who are familiar with the Egyptian Political and Secret service history in the valley of the Nile will know that man resume includes more than that
Ashraf Marwan was born in 1944 for an Egyptian family ,  in the 1960s he married the daughter of President Gamal Abd El-Nasser Mona and since then he joined the circle or the very close circle in the presidency
I will stop for now But I promise you that this will be just the start of an important Egyptian X-file you will be interested to know about but pardon because I am so sick now with a fever ,come back soon
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Beware of Summer fruit

It is not my custom to speak about my personal life here , but please pardon me these days as I am sick now , oh yes very sick thanks to the summer fruits smile_sick

The doctor when He saw me wondering why he wants me to run several tests from blood to urine to ultrasonic told me that in any other country he would tell me to go home and live my life normally but this Egypt and it is full of diseases this summer

the biggest warning is to stay away from almost sorry from every summer fruit in Egypt ,the only two fruit kinds I can eat are bananas and oranges other than that it will be like standing in front of a train !!

It seems that they sprayed the summer fruits even the watermelon with dangerous harmful substance , well I am not surprised 

Since Friday I was suffering from a fever and I couldn't eat anything till I saw the doctor who shared with me this nice piece of story

Once Boutres Ghali , I guess the ex-UN Secretary , was suffering from unknown fever for couple of weeks, the doctors in Egypt didn't know what caused it and thus he traveled to mother France to check with the doctors there , as soon as they saw him , they told him that it was sure something from the infectious nature in Egypt !!

I don't want to scare anyone coming to Egypt but come on I know that foreign Embassies warn their citizens from a huge food list including fruits and vegetables , this something I knew personally from my Egyptian-American relatives

Anyhow wish me speed recovery because it is not nice at all to spend a week whole eating nothing except soup and drinks

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The Army of Eitan and Biro "No respect to any army value or tradition"

"First to all I posted the link here only as a pro ,I didn't post it here so boys would be so happy no , this is a warning ,if you want to go and see some babes ,please use Google , I don't want to find it as the top link here ok"

 It was a huge surprise to me to ,seriously this is the first time I hear that the State itself is behind this , I mean usually when something like happens it is more than individual act but this time ...

For those who don't understand or know what I am talking about the Israeli Embassy in America with the help of the IDF and the Israeli government in an attempt to improve the image of the IDF abroad especially in America decided to publish the photos of female Israeli models who served in the IDF in Maxim ,yes Maxim edition next July 2007

and when we speak about Maxim , we don't speak about military -human loving photo shots , no we are speaking about a playboy style ,the purpose of this pornographic photo shots is to show that people in Israel are living a normal life !!??

Of course it caused a lot of stir in Israel which I am not surprised , the feminists ,also the conservatives are against the rude move

I don't understand how the Israeli state department or government  got this cheap idea seriously to change the image of being bad ass army to a good ass one !! Most Armies just like the American army when they try to improve their image usually they took photo shots with Iraqi children to appear as good human peaceful army , this is the expected move but this well I never heard about it before

As far as I know the Masada army is so proud of its values and traditions despite they don't work with at all !!

I mean in any other country in the world this can be regarded as disrespect to the values,traditions and rules of the National army and the men and women who served and died in the time of duty but anyhow let's speak the truth this is an army that doesn't respect any human value ,I mean I don't need to list the massacres they made and I don't need to list the names of the war criminals they considered as heroes like infamous Eitan ,Biro and our old buddy Sharon

The Israeli Embassy and behind it the IDF seem not to respect the female soldiers as they claim , because if they do they wouldn't dare and accept the name of the IDF to be included , this is not a new thing , in fact it is common thing in the military world which is ruled by man to disrespect the fellow female combatant , check the American army Women suffering from discrimination

I don't need to say that I read several novels and books some of them written by Israeli women who served in the army including the daughter of Moshe Dyan himself in her famous memories and how they described the discrimination in the army

I don't want to go to the part that the Israeli government is using old techniques , well its secret weapon in espionage from using women , but this time it is no secret at all,they are using publicly , may be Olmert is out of ideas , by the way did you know that Olmert was the man behind naming the famous Julia Roberts film "Pretty woman with that name ?? !!

These photo shots won't prove that they are the good guys , seriously not for the readers of these kind of publications who always regarded women as cheap body ,but of course this can be wrong if the IDF is already targeting this empty head pleasure seekers in the first place in terms "Our women are hot , the Arabs women are ugly, Our Women are exposed ,the Arab women are wearing tents !!"

Israeli Defense Forces , Israeli Defense Forces Video, Israeli Defense Forces Pictures, Israeli Defense Forces Pics, Israeli Defense Forces Screensaver, Israeli Defense Forces Wallpaper, Israeli Defense Forces Bio, Israeli Defense Forces Photos on Maxim

From the Israeli Press

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mubarak: Shalit talks to resume once calm returns to Gaza - Israel News, Ynetnews

I don't know but this is not his best interviews , I mean he should not have said

"I don't see a war breaking out between Syria and Israel, tensions or problems may arise, but not a war. they are aware of their capabilities, and you perceive them correctly"

Why do I feel that he is underestimating the Syrian army , for God Sake the Syrians ordered the latest Meg from Russia ??!!

I am sorry but the Syrian are our brothers and we should not speak about them like this despite all our differences and they wonder why Mubarak is losing hearts and minds in the Arab world and why we became no longer the leaders

Ironically the same newspaper he made the interview with him doesn't respect him nor its readers do

Mubarak: Shalit talks to resume once calm returns to Gaza - Israel News, Ynetnews

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was it love or were they the Russians??

 When I first saw this clip I said to myself "just look to his face"

Oh those Russians,they made him drink Vodka in the G8 ,poor French boy

but it turns that there could be another explanation , cherchez la femme sa nom est Cécilia -translation search for a woman called Cécilia who is his wife

You know it was not me only whom Cécilia caught her eyes in the G8 Summit with her haute coutre dress or behavior but the British press too was interested and thus the independent gave its readers worldwide this in depth look about this new rebel first french lady and her hubby

Cécilia Sarkozy: The First Lady vanishes - Independent Online Edition > Europe

From what I reading I understand at last what Sarko meant when he referred to the wisdom of the Mubarak , that is in controlling the media ,having influence friends here and there ,man why on earth this man whose wife is bold enough to leave him alone for months to go with another man and live in another continent is not the best choice to rule a country like France !!

But you know from reading his and her bio together I think they are  a match made in heaven !!

Excuse me in the independent article ,in the part about her modeling career they are saying she got Egyptian eyes , where are they exactly ??

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

And your official media praises him !!??

Sometimes I don't understand this regime at all , it seems to me that it is sending mixed signals as if there were two states , I mean read what is below and wonder like me why there is an attack on Hamas in public media day and night and not on Fatah !!
We are still with the scandals of Fatah and their man Dahlan , it seems that Hamas began to work with my advice though not publicly and decided to share the documents they found in the Palestinian intelligence after their control on Gaza with the Egyptian intelligence.
Those documents proved that Mr. Dahlan or whatever his title is was working against Egypt and its national security , I know it is some how an old news but ...
Listen to this : beside helping Al-Qaida group to get in Egypt and to do what they are good at and that is terrorism , if you remember the famous Sinai victory days blasts from two years "you can check it in the archive"
Well it seems that Mr. Dahlan was having a very good relations with the American C.I.A and the Israeli Mossad ,which no one denies it that he turned against Egypt and did the following "Believe me it deserves a list"
  • He made his followers in the Arab countries to write reports about those countries ,in other more realistic words he made them spy on these countries and give to the C.I.A and Mossad
  • He and Abu Shabak "who was fired by Abu Mazan" helped in smuggling drugs from Israel to Egypt through Gaza "anyone familiar with the drugs problem in Egypt ,will know immediately how we are suffering from the smuggled drugs through Gaza!!"
  • He and Abu Shabak again helped in dumping thousands of false dollars in Sinai
  • He spied on our commission in Gaza
  • He had the nerves to the spy on the security delegation of E.I in Gaza
  • He was involved in the kidnap one of our security delegation members in Gaza next Col.Hossam El-Mosally ,he was released after huge Egyptian pressure
  • One of the mission of his security forces in Gaza was to spy on the Egyptian forces in Sinai
  • He was involved in the attempt of assassination of Palestinian Prime Haniah on the Egyptian-Palestinian borders which caused a stir between Egypt and Hamas 
Hamas is already preparing itself to publish this dirty laundry to the world after all the communications with Fatah were cut , also after Abu Mazan's accusations to the group which they considered a huge insult ,also there are reports that several members in Fatah are moving to Hamas after the exposure of these documents
Anyhow back to Dahlan
Really at this particular moment I miss the intelligence of President Gamal Abd El-Nasser because at these days a man like Dahlan was simply eliminated with a poison in a Guavas  juice in Cairo while smiling in front of him
At these days people like Dahlan wouldn't dare to think to come near Egypt because they know that the regime won't let them go that easy
I am afraid despite all the cons of the Nasserist "nasserite" era which I am well known with , Egypt was still powerful to scare those rascals like Dahlan Pasha
Not like today ...
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The Satanic sir

Now the Islamic world from the East and West is angry from the UK due to the strange decision to honor infamous Salman Rushdie , huge protests in Pakistan and Indonesia , silence in Saudi Arabia and a shy condemnation in my country Egypt with a telegram from the parliament ,the only country to my surprise seemed to be concerned with the matter was Pakistan which informed UK that this Honour is breaking UN resolution 1624 issued in year 2005 and guess concerning what "War on terrorism" {I admire this person who got this paragraph} , the violation of the resolution is here {people of the World are just like the people of Egypt ,they don't read the UN resolutions and thus they don't know their rights}

Calls upon all States to continue international efforts to enhance dialogue
and broaden understanding among civilizations, in an effort to prevent the indiscriminate targeting of different religions and cultures, and to take all measures as may be necessary and appropriate and in accordance with their obligations under international law to counter incitement of terrorist acts motivated by extremism and intolerance and to prevent the subversion of educational, cultural, and religious institutions by terrorists and their supporters

Other than as I said a shy condemnation after all the British Foreign minister thinks that it is misunderstanding and Britain respects the Muslim world  to the rest of this fancy talk, of course she says these words because she knows the Islamic governments won't do anything more than condemnation exactly like the Iraqi Foreign Minister who was standing beside her in the press conference !!

A radical decision from the prime minister ,who is going to leave and to be remembered exactly as Anthony Eden , a radical decision that caused the radicals back in Islamic world to return again to their anger , the fatwas to kill Rushdie is back again in Iran and in Pakistan as a respond to the knighthood of Rushdie , some clerics gave Osama Bin Laden the title "The Sword of Allah" well a title that was not given to anyone in the Islamic history except Khaled Ibn El-Walid and the title came from heaven ,of course here I am not comparing Bin Laden with Ibn Walid , heavens forbid , there is no comparison and I think what those clerics did was wrong despite I can understand it is a natural radical reaction for a radical action from the UK  side

Anyhow I believe it is important that the Islamic world shouldn't be dragged to the emotional reactions game and should use its mind and put an end for this annual continuous attack and disrespect to Islam not from the west but from the whole world

I know very well that the British Embassies from the east and west of the Islamic world are busy now writing reports about the anger of the Muslims and I know very well that UK is lucky enough that governments and regimes in the Arab world are not giving the news its importance just like in Egypt and this is bad because they must know that we are angry and that we can't accept them as our friends they want , I mean friendship is based upon respect ,adding this guy's name in the list doesn't mean respect at all and don't give me this nonsense about freedom of expression , this freedom of expression is not available when you speak about the Holocaust, just speak about it not even deny it

What I think we should do as Muslims is to stand against this in respectable powerful way , in a perfect Islamic powerful world the Ambassadors should be called and given messages to be delivered to her majesty and prime minister including our objection on this knighthood thing

Also our Ambassadors to UK should deliver our objection messages to both her majesty and the prime minister

The second thing we can do as people is to boycott the British products and enterprises and let's see if the Prime minister still thinks it is worth it ,simple as this , my religion is precious enough and we must stop this annual race from other nations to mock us

Third thing we can do is to stop making Rushdie the martyr of opinion , please enough of those fatwas , just ignore that Satan looking man

Fourth I think it is the role of the British Muslim Community , the community which is insulted more than us because this knighthood means that the Queen and the government don't respect them or their beliefs

Thank Goodness the community there from what I reading online and in newspapers is not silent 

According to what I read and understood from the UK Honours system his name was recommended by some British Literature organization yet the big surprise is how the prime minister and his advisors to accept this recommendation regardless of the expected consequences of fury and anger in the Muslim world but again the man turns to be a Neocon war in Iraq and terrorism supporters , a leftist and a Neocon !!

The British already are amazed ,from what I read Rushdie left UK to live in New York and no one denies that his literature is not that great ,in fact many are saying that his books are boring and overrated !!

Sources and further reading:

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Testing video upload

I wish it works here

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

She should be among them too

She is not less than those legends , she is also a legend of her own , new generations in the west may not know anyone of these ladies but new generations in east know her very well

You want a proof , well go back in time and see her funeral , a funeral that no can forget , I can not forget from six years , I can't forget those angry people nor their sadness

I won't speak much about her but I will ask you to judge by by yourselfLook at her 100% Egyptian face and see how beautiful it was

Soad the moon sister is a lipstick legend

Today's Pictures: Lipstick Legends

Leave her alone

It seems that even after death people don't want to leave her alone , one day we found some say that she was married to Abd El-Halim for 6 years in secret including famous journalists like Mofid Fawzy and her own sisterI don't know what is the benefit from knowing if she was married from Halim or not , already the two are dead ,so let them rest in peace for God Sake.

Another thing and this is so stupid ,in some so-called Coptic website I found that some are saying that Soad Hosni converted to Christianity !!?? I hate to say it but Soad Hosni lived and died as a Muslim , so back off these silly sectarian radical rumors that if it proves anything ,will only prove the existence of radicalism from both the Christians or Muslims between in Egypt unfortunately

The old story : The beauty and the politician

I don't know how to describe her except she was a legend , that lived a sad life far away from glamor , her beauty was a curse more than a bless , a beauty that will cause her murder years later

She was killed in an early age before her actual murder from six years ago , yes I am from those who believed that Soad the moon sister wasT_27d01e61-5c57-4011-9e25-3a7547af450f killed from the infamous Stewart Towers in fog capital of London, I won't believe the British reports no , no , no because SOSO is from the ladies who knew too much just like the silent roommate Nadia Yousry , by the way I don't blame her because I know she knows very well she opens her mouth ,she will Join Soad

Why would anyone want to kill the moon sister??

well this is question surely asked by those who don't the dark face of the moon sister , a dark face she may not have a choice in having it

Soad Hosni was working as an agent for the Egyptian Intelligence before the six days war in 1967 and this is well known for everyone and she was among the ladies who testified in front of the military court in the famous case of the intelligence corruption against Salah Nasr and his name ,as a witness

Already no one denies that she was working for the Egyptian intelligence , of course I will decline to describe her role exactly except that I believe she was forced to do despite all what was claimed against her whether from the Son of Salah Nasr that she was a lazy agent , already I don't know exactly what his father's definition to the good female agent !!??

A proof of her refusal to that so-called Patriotic role , well her unforgettable roles in El-Karnak film based upon a novel for Naguib Mafhouz with the same name and in "Shafika and Matwaly" ,the film which I believed was a metaphor for tragic experience with those criminals back in the 1960s era , both films were in the 1970s in president Sadaat May Allah bless their souls

"Shafika and Matwaly" ends in the similar way in fact identical way to the end of Soad's life , "Shafika" got killed because she knew too much and they wouldn't let her go , "Soad" got killed because she was going return to Egypt after years of absence ,after years of medical treatment , she would return as a star who was going to write down her memories

You will wonder so why someone would kill her after all those decades and how the memories of some lady would scare some men whose names were already known

Well despite all the denial the Egyptian people understood the game very well , it has nothing to do with the current Egyptian intelligence but the old buddies of Salah Nasr ,who many of them fled to London like Shams Badran , the former infamous idiotic defense minister but even those can not harm her

I won't say more at least this year , but let's say for now that she was murdered and the British knew that very well , there were several evidences that prove but for some how the regime is not interested why ,well next year

Soad Hosni made us enjoy life , made us happy , made us cheerful and we owe to her that we must not forget her right for justice from those who were behind her murder , ironically she was n't their only victim from the Egyptian people

Can you forget her ??

Can you forget her as an Egyptian ?? Well I can't forget her nor many of her fans across the Arab world ,how can you forget this face

watch this wonderful music video Yuri Markadi under the title "I forget you!!" He took shots from the film "Amira My love" , I think he is nicer than Hussein Fahmy

Please Read for her El-Fatah if you are Muslim , if not then don't forget her in your prayers


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This is not healthy

This is not healthy when you have the same look on your face for every day in your life for six years

The strange thing is guy is really talented photographer so why this weird habit !!??

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Hooters in Dubai

 oh BOY OH BOY OH BOY  Hooters restaurants are going to open a branch in Dubai thanks to a Kuwaiti investor ,the Arab world is going to be served with hot mamas with big boobs !!??

Do I need to start my day with this sort of silly news ?? I mean before this great achievement I read that the American forces in Iraq found an Orphanage with children starving ,it may not be related but .. what can I say ??

I won't speak about it from a religious point of view because it is already known ,in fact I think no religion would accept this but I will speak about it from a feminist point of view

Is not this a humiliation to women ??

Another question why this man is so eager to open this chain here ?? Ironically he wanted to open it in Beirut but thank goodness the Lebanese capital is having enough troubles and thus it was saved

What I am afraid of is that this chain restaurant in Dubai can be a cover up for prostitution , do not forget Dubai is considered a hot spot , a dangerous one according to the UN reports and the American State department reports

Already I think after the Dubai authorities may cancel the man's licence to avoid any public fury from its native citizens , the minority of course

Oh boy couldn't this man find other restaurant chain other than this ??

Those Kuwaitis !!

Filbalad: Kuwaiti opens a restaurant with waitress' wearing nothing

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The best 15 Egyptian films in 100 years

I forgot to mention them in the previous post but here are they the best 15 Egyptian films in 100 years chosen by 20 critics

1. The Mummy "المومياء" by Shady Abd El-Salam in year 1975 starring Nadia Lotfy and Mohamed Marr'i "Well it is not like the American Mummy for sure , it is much more serious ,to put it in simple words its story happens in the 19th century about the tomb raiding in Luxor , it was highly received inside and outside Egypt , this is the only long film for Abd El-Salam before his death , Abd El-Salam was mad about ancient Egypt , already if you watch Cleopatra then you must know that the man who designed the entrance of Cleopatra in Rome was him , he had another fantastic short movie called "The wise peasant" based upon the famous ancient Egyptian story with the same name , he died while preparing for his long film about the life of king Akhenaton"

2. The sin "الحرام" by Henry Barkat in year 1965 starring Fatan Hamma and Abdullah Guith "Not cheerful at all , I think it was based upon Youssef Idris short story , I am not quite sure , it is about the tough life of the peasants who work from one field to another , it is very sad and I don't usual complete it till the end"

3. The Land "الارض"by Youssef Chahin in year 1960 starring Mahmoud El-Maligy and Nagwa Ibrahim "This is from the very few films I like for Youssef Chahin , also about the struggle of the Egyptian peasants in early 20th century , Mahmoud El-Maligy proved to be a diamond in the mud ,his unforgettable performance deserved an Oscar, the soundtrack was a historical especially the ending music by Ali Ismail"

powered by ODEO

4. A Beginning and an Ending "بداية و نهاية"by Salah Abu Seif in year 1960 starring Omar El-Sherif and Farid Shawaky "Big drama with black comedy from Farid , great performance of Sana'a Gamil and it is enough to know that it was based upon a novel with the same name written by Naguib Mahfouz , Shawaky proved to be a great comedian in that dull film"

5. The Bus driver by Atef El-Taib "سواق الاتوبيس" ,in year 1983 starring Nour El-Sherif "Unfortunately among all late El-Taib films ,I didn't see this one but I heard and read it was great , late El-Taib was famous for his realistic political films”

6. The Collar and the bracelet "الطوق و الاسورة" by Khairy Beshara in year 1986 starring Sherihan ,Ezzat El-Alali and Fardos Abd El-Hamid “drama and family tragedy in upper Egypt ,so dull”

7. The Well "العزيمة"by Kamal Salim in year 1939 starring Hussein Sadaky and Fatima Rushidy “this film is a remark in the history of Egyptian cinema , a classical realistic piece of Art with giants in it , it wasn’t funny at all a romantic drama , Rushidy told Sadaky in it {I love you Mohamed} , by the way Angelina Jolie Arabic tattoo means the well”

8. Cairo Station “Bad El-Hadid” "باب الحديد" by Youssef Chahin in year 1958 starring Youssef Chahin ,Hend Rostom and Farid Shawaky “This film when it was first shown back in 1958 made the fans of Farid Shawaky destroy the cinemas , the psychological drama and also the acting of Chahin were not respected by many back then, a piece of trivia one of the leading men in the Egyptian Cinema ,shokary Sarhan was casted for the leading role presented later by Chahin , Sarhan was chosen by then the produced turned him down when he asked for 50 Egyptian Pounds more of his salary “

9. The Wife of an important man"زوجة رجل مهم" by Mohamed Khan in 1988 starring Ahmed Zaky and Marvet Amin “This film as far as I know is shown in the police academy in Egypt to make the students beware of their police influence in their life , but with no use , Zaki was one hell of a bad ass police officer who should be killed , the end was dramatic”

10. The Flirtation of girls "غزل البنات" by Anwar Wagdy in year 1949 starring Naguib El-Rahany ,Laila Murad and Anwar Wagdi “ A romantic comedy , a little bit of black comedy , great fantastic music where Laila Murad Sang one of its most romantic songs ,the best Arabic Tango with music of Mohamed Abd El-Wahab who appeared in the film and also sang in it and the lyrics of Hussien El-Sayed”

powered by ODEO

11. Death or Life "حياة اوموت" by Kamal El-Sheikh in year 1954 starring Emad Hamdy and Madiha Youssry “I don’t know how this silly film made to the list ,it isnot the best films for El-Sheikh nor for Youssry or for Hamdy , for God sake it is the movie of {in the medicine there a deadly poison} already a piece of trivia this film was made to make people understand the importance of the Egyptian 911 police alike when the service entered Egypt , it was very silly , in fact it was a comedy of itself when I remember it”

12. The Nightingale prayer "دعاء الكروان" by Henry Barkat in year 1959 starring Fatan Hamma and Ahmed Mazhar based upon a novel by Taha Hussein “What can I say a sad love story ,the old story of vengeance that turns to love and guilt , in the heart of the upper Egypt , the film is magical despite its sadness ,it is very sad and ends very sad , this film was one piece of art that could have reached to the Oscars but it did not because Ahmed Mazhar was a close friend to President Nasser “

13. The innocent "البرىء" by Atef El-Tayeb in year 1986 starring Ahmed Zaki “One of the most important political films in Egypt , it is said that it is the favorite for the MB”

14. The Kitkat "الكيت الكات" by Dawood Abd El-Sayed in year 1991 starring Mahmoud Abd El-Aziz “It reminds me with the scent of a woman , seriously I don’t find it that great or special ,yes it is good but come on there are other important films than this by the way the Kitkat is a populated area in Giza not the chocolate”

15. Terrorism and Kebab "الارهاب و الكباب"by Sherif Aref in year 1992 , starring Adel Emam and Youssra ,story by Wahid Hammed “ at last a real political comedy , despite all what you think about Emam and Hammed , this film is great and what is great about it was about this era , the era of President Mubarak “

Ok here is the list now if we read it again we will find that Henry Barkat, Youssef Chahin and Atef El-Tayeb made to the list twice more than any director, good for them

Yet the big surprise that there are other great films for great directors that was included like the great film “Something from Fear” by Hussein Kamal and starring Shadia who presented a great performance

Also there are other directors in the lists who should have mentioned more than one time like Salah Abu Seif as I hinted before this man got a very important list like “Between Heaven and earth,”Raya and Skina”, “The Start” and “Cairo ‘30

Another two films I remember should have been included are “Song on the pass” by Ali Abd El-Khalk about the 1967 six days war and “The Karnak” by Ali Badrakhan and starring Soad Hosni

Anyhow this is a critics’ list not the people list

in Wikipedia

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